Govett Triggol

Govett Triggol, The JumpOff
Govett Triggol riding Callaho’s Wolke 334
Date of Birth:28 January 1972
Base of Operations:Gauteng
Profession:Director at Reonet
Breeding partner at Callaho Warmblood Stud
Nationality:South African

Govett Triggol has been a top-level showjumper for many years in the South African scene, bringing on a number of horses to the top levels of the sport. However, his true rise to prominence in the South African industry came after his stint in Europe from 2017 to 2018 where he attained Protea colours after representing South Africa at the FEI Nations Cup. Since his return, Govett has been a force to be reckoned with in the ring, where his turn of pace is nigh impossible to beat when he’s in form.

In addition to his exploits in the ring, Govett has a strong involvement with the Callaho Warmblood Stud and is a prominent figure in its importing program that has seen top horses like Callaho’s Larison and Callaho’s C-Ultra join the breeding program locally. Govett is an avid sponsor of the sport too, with his business, Reonet, regularly sponsoring events across the country. Govett competes alongside wife, Aisling Triggol, and children, Cayleigh and Thomas Triggol in the top grades.

Current Horses
Callaho’s Wolke 334
Callaho’s Kadice van de Pitsemburg
Callaho’s Larison
The Burgh’s Epomein
Titles Held
Protea Colours – 2018
President’s Cup – 2014
Callaho Warmblood Stud
Coach: Barry Taylor

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