The South African showjumping industry is bustling with activity in all avenues with the top riders constantly improving their strings, the competition venues continually improving their facilities, and equestrian orientated companies ensuring that they remain up to date with the best equipment available. Our local industry is as well-rounded asContinue Reading

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After an exciting month of showjumping that featured the South African Outdoor Grand Prix title competition, several other stories gripped the hearts of our South African viewers. We take a look back at the top 5 stories from the Month of April. No 5: Liam Stevens Showcases Talented Capital Gelding:Continue Reading

The South African showjumping industry is booming in all directions with many athletes continuously improving their game and looking for the rider wear that best suits them. While there are many notable brands that many riders would ordinarily flock to, there is another equestrian apparel brand that is breaking groundContinue Reading

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With the close of the 3rd month of 2021, the showjumping calendar has enabled many riders across the country to establish their strings, develop their young horses, and set their eyes on the title competitions ahead of them. An exciting month of competition has seen many changes in the competitionContinue Reading