Ronnie Healy

Ronnie Healy riding Blue Turtle Capital Magic Boy
Date of Birth:22 November 1983
Base of Operations:RH Equestrian, Kyalami
Co-owner of Double H Feeds
Nationality:South African

Ronnie Healy is a professional equestrian, riding and coaching out of RH Equestrian in Kyalami, and a consistent feature in the 1.50m ranks in South Africa. After rising to the 1.50m ranks locally at the tender age of 17, Ronnie embarked on a decade-long European tour that would see him claim 2nd and 5th finishes in the Hickstead Derby in England and a 5th in the Hamburg Derby in Germany. Since returning, Ronnie has been a steady feature at the top of the sport, has established his own yard, and has married fellow 1.50m athlete, Ashlee Healy (nee Hausberger). The pair have gone on to found Double H Feeds – the first mobile app-based feed company in South Africa.

Current Horses
Blue Turtle Catweazle
Cornet’s Mandarino
Blue Turtle Capital Magic Boy
Titles Held
Blue Turtle Technologies
Western Shoppe
Coach: Dominey Alexander


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