Chatan Hendricks

Chatan Hendriks, The JumpOff
Chatan Hendricks riding Biogen’s Caspar
Date of Birth:28 March 1991
Base of Operations:Kyalami, Gauteng
Nationality:South African

Chatan Hendriks is arguably one of the most popular faces on the showjumping circuit. He reached the 1.50m ranks at an early age with his then partner, Air Holiday’s Piccadilly D, but has since been developing a string of quality horses across all height categories. His current association with Biogen has afforded him the opportunity to once again re-enter the 1.50m heights on the ever-popular Greta G who, still young in age, has already given Chatan a great competitive edge at the top levels of the sport.

While Chatan is yet to claim any major South African titles, he has, in recent years, picked up 2nd place at the 2018 Adult Championships, 2nd place at the 2019 S.A. Outdoor Grand Prix and picked up numerous podiums along the way.

Current Horses
BioGen’s Greta G
BioGen’s Kolinko
Callaho Con Dior
Callaho Libertine Love
Titles Held
Biogen S.A
Equestrian Affair
Coach: Gonda Betrix

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