The Triggol Family has a New Member Competing

The members of the Triggol family are a big influence in the showjumping industry in South Africa with their own competitive horses and the several businesses that are constantly supporting the sport with their sponsorships. With Govett, Aisling, and Cayleigh all competing at the top-levels as well as remaining active with their companies, Reonet, TopBet SA, and Equine 74 respectively, Thomas Triggol, up until recently, has been the youngest member active on the circuit but now, 3-year-old Miles joins the Troggol family in the competitive saddle.

Miles Triggol,  Frozen, The JumpOff
Miles Triggol with Dolarch’s Frozen | Photo credit: Aisling Triggol

Miles, or Milo, has captured the hearts of the equestrian industry from day 1 and as he continues to grow into a fine young man, the encouragement of his horse-orientated family has seen him in the saddle from very early on. With parents Govett and Aisling both being incredibly active in the industry and his siblings, Cayleigh and Thomas both top-level showjumpers as well, it’s little wonder that little Milo has developed an affinity for horses. 


With the help of those from Phaeton Park in Glenferness, Milo has grown confident in his riding and now competes with his own pony, Dolarch’s Frozen. The partnership is picture perfect and Milo is thrilled with his well-deserved ribbons and winnings in lollipops. 

As the new generation of riders starts to emerge, the industry is bustling with precious young talents including Cathryn and Shaun Neill’s daughter Sarah who made her competitive debut at the beginning of 2021. 

Miles Triggol, Frozen, The Jumpoff

We look forward to the years ahead as several other young children from our top-level riders make their journey into the competition arena. 

-The JumpOff-


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