Top 1.50m Horse, The Burgh’s Epomein, Sold

Charley-Ann Crockart has enjoyed a very successful journey with The Burgh’s Epomein. After re-entering the 1.50m grades at SA Champs last year, the pair proved formidable, claiming their first 1.50m victory at the SA Outdoor Grand Prix. The highly competitive combination has been much enjoyed by spectators and fans alike but the partnership has now come to an end as Epomein starts her new chapter with another top-level rider, Govett Triggol. 

The JumpOff, Charley-Ann Crockart, Govett Triggol, Epomein
Charley-Ann Crockart riding The Burgh’s Epomein | Photo credit: Pix By Alex

With quality horses being a hot commodity in the showjumping circuit, many top riders also enjoy breeding some of their own and as a final remembrance for Charley-Ann, twin embryos were flushed from Epomein which have been partnered with Legend, Charley-Ann’s own incredible young stallion. With Chacco Blue x Jus de Pomme blood from Epomein and Mr Blue x Clinton lines from Legend, the combination of world-class bloodlines sets an enormous expectation for the future foals and their expected talents. The anticipation is high as to what the final result will be but Charley-Ann thanked Leoni and Stan van der Burg for the opportunity to breed from the special mare.


Govett Triggol is also no stranger to the spotlight as, after his European campaign, his speed, competitiveness, and dedication have seen him winning several competitions with very exciting rounds. The addition of the very tall, solid, and scopey mare, Epomein, to his string compliments his already strong group of horses and enables him to have multiple rides in the 1.50m classes once again to partner Callaho’s Wolke 334.

An exciting future lies ahead for both Charley-Ann and Govett as they step forward into their new journeys. This does not spell the end for Charley’s 1.50m career, however, as she still retains a number of promising rides, including Serenela’s Capital Lord Derby and the Burgh’s Bibi Blocksburg, both of whom are strong prospects for the top levels of the sport.

Congratulations to both parties. We’ll be eagerly watching Govett’s progress on Epomein, and we look forward to seeing the promising Legend/Epomein foals in action one day.

-The JumpOff-


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