Thomas Triggol Welcomes Franzi 14 and Finale U:

With the constant changing of horses for our top-level athletes, the focus is always to continue improving and strengthening their strings. With several riders already competitive on their new steeds and some riders awaiting the arrival of their new partners, Thomas Triggol has also introduced 2 new horses to his competitive string, Franzi 14 and Finale U.

After his initial relocation to Europe for his studies, the global pandemic put a damper on Thomas’ further competitive plans which resulted in the young talent returning to South Africa. With his previous equine partner, Fiona, taken over by his sister, Cayleigh Triggol, Thomas was no longer taking part in the 1.50m competition but that did not halt his competitive career entirely. With Callaho Sancho under his saddle, the pair have become strong contenders in the 1.35m/1.40m ranks with some high speed jump-offs and several podium positions already under their belts.


The introduction of the 2 youngsters has enabled the continuation of Thomas’s South African showjumping career. Franzi 14, a beautiful bay mare, by Casall out of a Lorentin mare made her competitive debut with Thomas at the Burlington graded show on the 18th of April 2021. With enormous presence, scope, and rideability, the 8-year-old mare gained some valuable experience in preparation for the career ahead of her. 

With many spectators watching on with mild envy, Thomas debuted a 2nd quality mare by Dollar D l Pi out of a Carthargo mare, Finale U. The 8-year-old grey Holsteiner, Finale U, looked at home in the Burlington arena and proceeded to stride her way around the arena without too many nerves. The talent possessed by Thomas enabled him to produce two wonderful rounds on his 2 new partners in the 1.00m classes.

With the experience mounting for both mares, Thomas took both Franzi and Finale up to the 1.10m classes as the recent Midrand World Cup Qualifier. As the partnerships continue to strengthen, the future looks exciting for Thomas with his 2 new additions and we look forward to seeing them in action.

-The JumpOff-


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