Lorette Knowles-Taylor’s New Sponsor is Amazeballs

Following the numerous stories coming out of Farnham Stables in Chartwell, on top of the new equine partner that Lorette Knowles-Taylor has acquired, The Burgh’s Made in Heaven, Lorette has also picked up an additional sponsor from the Western Cape, Amazeballs.

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Lorette Knowles-Taylor and The Burgh’s Made in Heaven | Photo credit: Denford Studios

Amazeballs is a company based in the Western Cape that focuses on introducing cutting edge technology into the equestrian industry. With specialised products for the equestrian industry, they cater to all avenues of the sport with products for communication, performance, training, fitness, health, and safety. Their range of available products is vast and includes items such as Pivo, a camera programme that is designed to track the intended subject, and the CeeFit which tracks fitness and performance for both horse and rider.


As the showjumping industry continues to become more competitive in South Africa, the additional help of technologies such as those offered by Amazeballs is a vital way to ensure top-level performances in all aspects of your horse’s life.

With Lorette’s long-standing dedication to the improvements of her string and her consistent performances at the top levels of the sport, it’s hardly surprising that an athlete such as herself has continued to look for extra methods to ensure optimum performances. This new partnership between Lorette and Amazeballs is an exciting one and is sure to enable onlookers to see the performance improvements over the upcoming months.


Congratulations to all parties, may the journey together be successful.

-The JumpOff-


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