Voigtskirch Sahara Sold to Lorette Knowles-Taylor

Just recently, we wrote an article about Voigtskirch Sahara being sold to Bronwyn Dos Santos, but after a short partnership that lasted only a few months, the South African Warmblood mare has been sold on again, this time to another 1.50m rider, Lorette Knowles-Taylor.

Voigtskirch Sahara and Kirsten Winn-Smith | Photo credit: Denford Studios

Having announced their first competition together at the Kyalami Equestrian Park training show several weeks ago, Bronwyn Dos Santos looked set to grow her string further with the acquisition of Sahara. But the partnership would be short-lived as news broke of her sale to Lorette Knowles-Taylor this past weekend during the South African Youth Championships. 


Lorette has been a top-level competitor for many years and has become somewhat of a household name with victories under her belt including her SA Derby win in 2007. Her current string of top horses, Equistro van der Mispelaere and Amor Warande Z, is complemented by a strong grouping of youngsters including Farnham Billy Jean and Callaho Bogart. With the addition of Voigtskirch Sahara, Lorette now features an additional competitive ride in the ‘middle’  to ensure her competitiveness across all levels.

Congratulations Lorette, may your partnership grow strong and ribbons come easily.

-The JumpOff-

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