With many disruptions to the showjumping calendar throughout 2020, many competitions fell by the wayside and were unable to be held including the World Cup Qualifier series. The last WCQ that was hosted in South Africa was the final leg of 2019 at Maple Ridge Equestrian Centre in which ChisContinue Reading

With the constant changing of horses for our top-level athletes, the focus is always to continue improving and strengthening their strings. With several riders already competitive on their new steeds and some riders awaiting the arrival of their new partners, Thomas Triggol has also introduced 2 new horses to hisContinue Reading

The South African showjumping industry is bustling with activity in all avenues with the top riders constantly improving their strings, the competition venues continually improving their facilities, and equestrian orientated companies ensuring that they remain up to date with the best equipment available. Our local industry is as well-rounded asContinue Reading

The first COVID-19 related lockdown in South Africa was hard for many people in the equestrian industry and the ramifications across the world with regards to showjumping events such as the Olympic Games were vast, but, for one local 1.50m rider, Ashlee Healy, the forced absence from the arena wasContinue Reading